Committed to be your
professional partner

Committed to be your professional partner

There are many lenders to choose from. However the advantage of getting help from a Mortgage Broker is having a financial professional find the right loan options for you. They are there to assist you with the whole process. Mortgage Brokers are able to explain all the financial aspects of obtaining a loan and suggest a range of products and solutions based on your situation rather than simply going with a lender or a bank you are already with. If you do not have the time to research all the loan options available to you then a Mortgage Broker will do all the work.

At Lane 8 Finance, we believe that a good Broker will be able to determine your underlying needs and understand your goals. We value what matters most to you and ensure that you are comfortable with the options you choose and what you are agreeing to. We have been in the finance industry since 1999 and understand that the industry is constantly changing hence we continue to adapt to this continuous change. There are so many procedural complexities and a broad range of loan products, we have a wealth of knowledge and technical abilities to ensure we obtain a fast and nimble finance solution for each loan scenario.

We are motivated and committed to be your professional partner in achieving your financial goals.